About the Books

In this charming and hilarious Level 3 Ready-to-Read series, practical Zach and his inventive sister Lucy live in a little apartment in a big city—their space may be small, but their imaginations are just the opposite.

In their first big adventure, scheming siblings Zach and Lucy decide to create their own museum…in the basement of their apartment building!  All of their neighbors are impressed with the museum…well, everyone except grumpy Mrs. Blankenship in apartment 2C. Will Zach and Lucy be able to find a way make Mrs. Blankenship smile?

In their second adventure,  Zach and Lucy are inspired to teach a yoga class for all of their friends.  The siblings find a studio space in their building’s basement, set up lots of soothing decorations and open for business.  Zach and Lucy don’t really know how to do yoga, but from what they’ve seen, it involves pretending to be lots of different animals…right? What could go wrong?

Behind the Books

I am secretly a Pifferson sister.  So is my dear friend and critique partner, Stephanie Guerra.  These books make us both smile for lots of reasons.  We hope they make others smile, too.