river-runs-deep-coverMy kids headed back to school this week, which means that I am back to working as well. While I’ve got a project I’m excited to start working on, I’m also finishing up proofs on my book coming out in 2015. River Runs Deep represents a number of firsts for me as a writer. It is the first of my novels written with middle grade readers in mind. It the the first of my stories set in my beloved home state of Kentucky. It is the first (and likely last!) of my books set almost entirely underground, to feature messenger pigeons, knot tying and wacky treatments for tuberculosis.

And I love it all. I also love the cover art created by the talented Grady McFerrin.

So excited for this book to come out next summer. In the meantime, I completely need that cover printed on a t-shirt. And possibly a throw pillow.